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Want to know how everyone feels after a Bayplay camp?


"Phew. Where to start? I think I speak for all of us snorkellers when I say that this was by far the best CUE day so far.  Snorkelling with seals  is (so far) a once in a lifetime experience and something we will never forget."

April 21, 2010 by Luke, Nic + Co. - Check out their blog!


SCUBA the name says it all “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. Breathing underwater is something humanly impossible, unless you get the right equipment. My highlight was being able to get up close and personal with this hidden world, a world that not everyone is able to see.


A personal highlight for me was definitely scuba diving at the pier in Rye. It was so unnatural breathing underwater, yet so surreal and wonderfully different. Being immersed in the underwater world was like nothing I had ever done before. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and would definitely go scuba diving again!



It was great to see so many things under the Rye Pier. We saw crabs and globe fish and lots more. It was a great feeling to be able to breathe underwater and not have to come up to the surface for air all the time. The water was very cold, although you got used to it after a while and the two wetsuits did help a lot.



Underwater, you feel like you’re in a whole new world. The sea life was so peculiar and interesting. My biggest challenge whilst diving was adapting to the changed sensations of breathing and equalizing the pressure in my ears.


I had never been scuba diving, or even snorkeling before this camp. This was a completely new experience. The things I have heard about scuba diving are true; it really is a completely different world underwater.


" Bayplay are a professional and reliable organisation. I like it because I get to deal directly with the owners so the service is personal and our program easily organised. Our students like all of the instructors because they are friendly and knowledgable but also because they treat them with respect. Safety is always well considered, which is important when undertaking adventurous activities."

Paul Stockdale (Mentone Grammar - 9 to the Power of 4 Program Coordinator)