Snorkel Orienteering

An underwater treasure hunt!

Based on the land-based Orienteering game, the Snorkel Orienteering activity sees teams compete to find clues scattered along an underwater course. Navigation skills are essential for completing the course, and students first get a thorough briefing on how to properly use compasses and navigation aids.

Then, they set off from the Pier or Beach, trying to find all clues and solve the riddle first!  Teams of at least 2 people (enforcing the safe buddy system!) include at least one navigator, and one distance estimator. Clues can be words, photos, or objects, and teams will have to spell or figure out what it means to be considered the winners!

The Snorkel Orienteering activity is a great way for students to learn new navigation skills, while having fun in the water and discovering our beautiful local marine life! They will also need to work as a team if they want to be able to navigate in the right direction and estimate the right distance!

This activity can be run at any of our locations, or the location of your choice! Just contact us!