Ropes Courses

Looking for a Team Building Challenge?

Ropes courses are a challenging personal development and team building activity, open to everyone! With four different options, we can cater to all types of groups, regardless of age, size, or fitness ability:

  • Low Ropes
  • High Ropes
  • Giant Swing
  • Flying Fox

Ropes courses are the ultimate team challenge! With a combination of both vertical and horizontal challenges, built from wood, cable and ropes installed above the ground, wood poles or steel framework.

When students go up on a ropes course it is a great opportunity for them to learn about risk taking, their own perceived limits, how they perform under pressure, how they give and receive support from other people, and how working with others collaboratively can help an individual achieve more than they thought they could accomplish.

You can choose one of the four options for your group, or a combination of them! Low Ropes suit younger children, while the Giant Swing suits older students, however, we can tailor the courses to suit all age groups!