Nepean Bay Snorkel

Snorkel Point Nepean National Park!

The last cove before Port Phillip Heads, Nepean Bay is a gorgeous and untouched snorkeling spot! Snorkel amongst Sea Dragons, Flatheads, Leatherjackets, Cowfish, and many more!

Nepean Bay is accessible by boat or kayak (as part of a Paddle & Snorkel Tour), and is a historically significant site, making it a perfect spot for environmental and educational activities!

Nepean Bay is an ideally sheltered spot for fish nurseries; you will find hundreds of Damselfish, Morwongs, and Old Wives hanging around reefs, kelp beds and sandy bottoms.

We also offer a great Kayak+Snorkel option at Nepean Bay!
Paddle along Point Nepean National Park, into the Dolphin Sanctuary, and jump in for a snorkel tour in crystal clear waters before heading back!

Nepean Bay is also a perfect location to discuss environmental issues on our Bay, such as dredging and pollution. We can also include history talks about the Bay's fortification system, or biology talks about Port Phillip's endemic species, such as Southern Blue Devils and Verco's Nudibranchs.

There is a lot to learn about our Bay, and the Bayplay Crew is happy to share their knowledge and educate students about our environment and its issues, and hopefully broaden their horizons!