Kayak Circuit

Kayak Circuit Team Building

This team building initiative is a fun way to get your students to work together and to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere.   It also offers groups the opportunity to learn how to work under pressure and be efficient at the same time.  Students can learn how systems and careful planning can give you a competitive edge. 

  • Session 1  
    Briefing – the group is given a briefing on how equipment works, paddling strokes, and allocated boats and paddling partners

  • Session 2    
    Kayaking Skills Session – the group is given a training session on how to best operate and manoeuvre your kayak

  • Session 3    
    Team Building Circuit Game - Teams are broken into groups and are allocated an information sheet on the Circuit Team Building Game. Time is allocated to study the rules and to become familiar with equipment.  Teams start the circuit game, following the rules and gaining points in the areas of teamwork, communication, risk management and efficiency.  Credits are awarded for team performance and for following the rules