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Are you looking for School Camp Activities?

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Are you wondering what to do during your school camp on the Mornington Peninsula? We can help!

Bayplay offers an array of school camp adventure activities, and is focused on providing students with fun and educational marine activities where not only will they learn skills but also discover all about the marine life, local ecosystems and current issues!

Whether you have experienced scuba divers or non-swimmers in your group, seasoned sea kayakers or first-timers, or outdoor activity newbies, we have activities for everyone!

  • Snorkeling - Discover the rare and beautiful Weedy Sea Dragons on a guided eco-friendly snorkel tour. Available to everyone, even non-swimmers!
  • Sea Kayaking - The best way to discover Mornington Peninsula's Coastline! Paddle with dolphins along Point Nepean National Park! Yarra River tours through Melbourne city also available!
  • Discover Scuba Diving - No certification needed! Want your group to know what it feels like to defy gravity and breathe underwater? Come with us and take your first steps in the underwater world!

Plenty more available! Contact us for enquiries!